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Our Mission

We are passionate about training responsible gun owners in a SAFE & CONTROL environment to have a fighting chance and prevail in worst case scenario encounter!

Are you tactically and mentally prepared to engage in a worst case scenario?

Our Simulated Shooting Range

Valor Defense Academy, LLC is the premier simulated shooting range and firearms training facility in Central Texas that houses one of the industry's most advanced 3-theater screen firearms training simulator. This innovative training technology has been the choice system of records, available only to Law Enforcement, Military, and National Government Agencies worldwide that have vast training budget. We are honored to make it available for ALL - first responders, tactical firearms instructors, and civilians! 

The massive training contents on our simulator will effectively expand your training capability beyond static target shooting! We can customize any shooting drills on the fly at your request to support your training objectives that are applicable and practical at your individual level of experience.  All in one place, you can practice shooting at single or multiple targets, popping steel plates, interactive moving targets, immersive gun fights, military battle fields, shoot houses, competition shooting stages, worst case scenario shooting encounters, and on and on and on, even Zombies Apocalypse!!

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Our Training Weapons

Our training simulator can register shots placement from pistol, rifle, taser, pepper spray, and baton. Training weapons include the real Glock 19 G4/G5. They are fitted with tether-less CO2 air recoil kit without modification to the firearms. All courses of fire allow trainees to draw their training weapon from holster or their choice of concealment.

Our Instructors

Our instructors are active and retired senior-level Law Enforcement and Military Officers with years of experience as lead trainers for the Police Academy, FBI Academy, Army, Marine Corps, Counter Terrorism/Incident Command Tactical Ops, Special Forces, SWAT, Gangs & Drugs Task Force Ops, Dignitary/Schools/Churches Security Protection, and Post-Critical Incident Medics.

Our Training Series

Our innovative firearms training simulator offers first responders and responsible gun owners unlimited training capabilities in:

  • Realistic and intense worst case scenarios
  • Situational awareness and threats detection
  • Split second decision making
  • Judgmental use of force
  • Muscle memory to engage under extreme duress
  • Marksmanship, defensive, tactical, low light and competition shooting


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Phone:  (512) 904-0072

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